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When consumers purchase a product, there is a reasonable expectation that the product will be able to work in a safe and effective manner. For some products who have poor designs or manufactured flaws, it can lead to difficult and even dangerous consequences. It’s common for a large number of consumers to experience the same kind of defect and deal with similar repercussions for using the product. An experienced San Francisco class action lawyer can help to form and join and a lawsuit that holds the manufacturer accountable for their defective product. The lead attorney at The Lawrence Law Firm is comfortable in a courtroom and has a demonstrated ability as a litigator.

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Product Class Action Lawsuits

  • There are a range of factors that can constitute a class action suit for defective products, such as:
  • False advertising
  • Not working how they are intended to
  • Containing harmful chemicals
  • Causing harm

Experienced Defective Products Attorney

At The Lawrence Law Firm, the lead litigator has more than 35 years of legal experience and has participated in cases involving juice manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturers of consumer products. With experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Lawrence has helped people find justice through securities litigation, class action lawsuits, and those who have suffered financial fraud. You deserve consumer protection and a competent lawyer can help you recover the compensation you need.

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When clients hire The Lawrence Law Firm, they are working with a seasoned San Francisco defective products lawyer. He is results oriented and is passionate about his job representing clients and can work with other attorneys to help better fight against large corporations.

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