Our Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

When facing large entities like corporations, it is crucial to have accomplished and focused legal counsel. Having effective representation can bring a difference in securing fair financial compensation and bringing justice to people affected.

The Lawrence Law Firm handles federal and state whistleblower cases, complex fraud investigations, consumer and investor class actions, and more.


Class Actions: Providing Experienced Legal Representation Across the U.S.

When facing large entities like corporations in class action lawsuits, it is crucial to have accomplished and focused legal counsel. Having effective representation can make a difference when it comes to securing fair financial compensation and bringing about some form of justice for the many affected people. The San Francisco class action attorney at The Lawrence Law Firm can provide you and others with passionate and result-oriented representation. Mr. Lawrence is able to serve class action clients throughout the United States and has a history of partnering with other firms to help fight for justice. The attorney has experience fighting for consumers in false claims, consumer protection, and defective product matters as well.

Complex and Mass Tort Litigation-Products Liability Cases for Thousands of Victims

When injuries are caused by particular products, such as drugs or medical devices, the harm often affects, thousands, if not tens of thousands of people. Each person’s situation can differ; thus, these cases do not have the commonality for class actions and are usually litigated individually. Nevertheless, because the harm caused is so widespread, and often flows from a common problem with a drug or device, the cases are often aggregated for pretrial purposes. Thus, they are commonly referred to as ‘mass torts’-individual lawsuit that are handled together. As with class actions, taking on such actions can be daunting and expensive since corporations are defending large numbers of cases with potentially billions in damages.

Why people choose The Lawrence Law Firm:

  • 40+ years of legal experience
  • Results-oriented representation
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars recovered
  • Personalized legal counsel

Clients who choose to hire the legal services offered at The Lawrence Law Firm can be assured that their case is in trusted hands and that a highly respected and regarded legal professional is representing them. Attorney Lawrence understands the stress that any legal matter can bring into a person's life. At The Lawrence Law Firm, we take the time to understand our client's needs, goals, and concerns.


The Class Action Lawsuit Process

There are many steps involved in obtaining a decision for a class action, including:

  • Filing a lawsuit on behalf of a plaintiff or group of plaintiffs
  • Having the court certify the suit as a class action
  • Providing those affected with the opportunity to opt into the suit
  • Negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial

How Does a Class Action Lawsuit Work?

A class action lawsuit is a legal tool where one person is able to file a lawsuit on behalf of many people who have experienced the same kind of misbehavior from the defendant. One of the main goals of a class action lawsuit is to consolidate the claims of many individuals into one lawsuit. This allows for a judge to issue a ruling that applies to all members of the lawsuit.

Contact the Lawrence Law Firm for Dedicated Class Action Legal Counsel

Mr. Lawrence is passionate about his career and genuinely enjoys what he does. He was inspired to pursue his career while volunteering with a consumer protection program while attending Tufts University. Through his extensive experience and legal knowledge, he is able to help plaintiffs pursue fair financial compensation. Learn more about the types of cases he handles.

Proven Legal Counsel in Class Actions & Antitrust Litigation

Mr. Lawrence worked for a decade as a prosecutor, where he saw that even a successful conviction wouldn't help financial fraud victims recover their losses. He decided to pursue a career as a class action and antitrust attorney. Since then, he has won hundreds of millions of dollars for investors and consumers, challenging the government and international corporations. He has the determination, insight, and talent to help you challenge fraud and unfair business practices.


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